Head cheese



Har Mar Super-star’s soulful R&B crooning, b-boy style, and outsized sexual appetite would make him a peer of R. Kelly were he not a portly, balding white dude with pasty skin and a penchant for stripping down to his tighty-whities. Fact is, Har Mar is more Bobby Brown, mining the same sleazy and misogynist territory but pushing it until the sides blow out like an overtaxed whitewall, spewing irony everywhere.

5. Eat? — It’s hard to find anything that tastes good in the U.K. This is a place where they batter and deep fry pizza and candy bars. What the fuck?

4. Is America really dumb enough to re-elect George W. Bush? — I think the answer is a horrifying “yes.” If it does I have no faith, and will, yet again, relocate to a new country where everyone is truly more free. That leaves a lot of choices. … I hate politics.

3. Will I get laid? — Each night is a mystery grab bag of delights. Who will it be? Where will it happen? Will we get caught? Will I get denied? Is it mine for the taking? Should I give it up that easy? Only the twilight hours will bring the answers.

2. The U.S. tour — I’ve spent so much
time in the U.K. and elsewhere that I haven’t enjoyed the American road for a long time. There are so many people I’m looking forward to chilling with again.

1. Where’s the weed? — Friends of friends got on our tour bus and stole our supply. Total bullshit. Don’t bite the hand that feeds, bitches.”

Har Mar Superstar appears at the Magic Stick (4120 Woodward Ave, Detroit; 313-833-9700) on Monday, Oct 18, with Detroit City Council.

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