Head cheese



A few of our chick pals — well, some dude buds too — say they like 'em big, dumb and willing. The same might be said of Supagroup. This hard-traveled Cajun quartet, led by bros Benji and Chris Lee, have, for the last decade, eaten, drunk, slept and fucked rock 'n' roll, circa 1975. It's where braying riff-riot rock reeks of dusty AC/DC 8-tracks and is frayed like pre-coffin Phil Lynott's vocal chords. The sound is gloriously formulaic — it rips with anthemic, toothache-spurring refrains and proactive, Marshall-driven hooks. Supagroup's meat-and-taters lunacy and cock-thrusting tumult bleeds of the hormonal teen in all of us. We saw 'em support Alice Cooper in Windsor recently and they shone like a shattered Bud bottle under bar neon. In fact, the Coop told us after the show that he dug the band — a lot. Now there's a singing endorsement. Currently on the road supporting their fourth, Kevin Shirley-produced, album, Rules, we found frontman-guitarist Chris Lee somewhere in the cornfields of Iowa, and he offered up these monomanias.

5. I'm TNT: "Draft beer adds explosive power to a relatively delicate gastro-intestinal situation."

4. Your AAA (not AA!) road tip: "Kansas City BBQ is the best I've ever had. Go to Gates or Arthur Bryant's."

3. All hail free enterprise!: "I got an awesome bootleg copy of Revenge of the Sith, which I got the day it came out. Perfect quality — it's a work print."

2. Keys to looking suave: "Avoid smoking hash out of a Budweiser can. It makes you look like a crackhead."

1. It's this or the fry station: "We're getting too old for this, but we're too dumb to quit."


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