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Two years ago we predicted that then-unknown Detroit quintet the Rioteers would land a major-label record deal and write a WB sitcom theme. We also pointed out that few people actually care about true power pop. Turns out we were wrong and right. The Rioteers are still unknown. The Rioteers, you see, merit the sugary hyperbole we’ve spread on ’em like so much raspberry jam. Theirs is a hum-a-along dust-up so soaring (yeah, that’s right — soaring), so comfit-like and so well-executed that it pops with enough power to sprout new hairs on Robin Zander’s noggin. The band’s “A World Away” is one of those tri-minute turns that can ping-pong in the cranium for days, and if it were ever released as a proper single it’d be Song of the Year, whatever year that might be. After a months-long exile, and despite lineup changes and other upheavals, the Rioteers are back, with bassist Paul DeHotness, drummer Skip DeHotness and lead guitarist John Krebs in tow. Here’s Rioteers singer-guitarist Tim McHugh’s monomanias this week:

5. Verse-chorus-verse: My latest Holy Grail guitar? A Gretsch Duo Jet.

4. Songs about food: Neighborhood bakery bread is the only way to go.

3. Bin suffocation: If you can find a copy of the long out-of-print Donovan album Open Road, grab it.

2. A trillion dead chickens can’t be wrong: Am I the only one who’s noticed that KFC is using “Sweet Home Alabama” in the ads? I’m baffled.

1. The old in-out: Between the Downing Street Memo and the doctored environmental document, what’s it gonna take for us to throw the bum out?


Saturday, June 25, at Paychecks Lounge (2932 Caniff, Hamtramck; 313-874-0909) with Outrageous Cherry and the Muggs.

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