Head Cheese



What's best about a HafLife Head Cheese are the local quartet's vice-checking stage handles. MD2020? Mogen David Winery resets are always welcome. (The brain pan-fried hangovers aren't.) Handi J? That sounds like something that's sold next to the Micro-Kitty Strap-On. Haflife are Detroit's only gasmask-wearing, thrill-killing industrial hard rock heroes (and heroines), and they give it to us straight in this edition, just in time for their Small's gig to celebrate the release of their new record Sin & Tonic. Bring on the booty-core monomanias from each of the five, um, HafLifes:

5. mbolism's sin: Lust. Seems rather open-ended ... Tonic: Literally, a tonic — Virtual Buddha from Karma Tea & Tonics in Ferndale. Zen fetishism!

4. Handi J's sin: Scotch & Yoohoo. (Together?) Tonic: Scotch & water. (Together.)

3. V's sin: Howard Stern and Sirius radio. Artie! Tonic: (Tie) Guinness and Fuze Pomegranate White Tea. Hopefully Guinness, 'cause drinking tea doesn't seem like a very booty-core thing to do.

2. MD2020's sin: White Russians. The cocktail, we're assuming. Tonic: White Castles. Yeah, more like a tonic for the soul.

1. Haflife's sin: Debauchery. That's more like it. Tonic: Jägermeister. And black licorice devil juice always mixes well with debauchery.


Friday, Dec. 8, at Small's, 10339 Conant, Hamtramck; 313-873-1117. With Fondle, Lady Kill Award and special "surprise" guests.

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