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"Disconet was a remix service in the 1970s and early '80s that provided extended edits and mega-medleys," Mike Trombley says from his new HQ in Philadelphia. The ex-Sights drummer and full-time disco freak DJ returns to the D this New Year's Eve to spin records at the Eagle, tag-teaming with Stallone (Sam Consiglio of Tamion 12-Inch) and Relaxer (Scott Zacharias). "You'd get these prime mixes of obscure artists like Johnny Chingas, Mathmatiques Modernes, Moskwa TV, Crazy Joe & Variable Speed Band side-by-side with Billy Joel, Hall & Oates, Kim Wilde and Donna Summer. Amazing." Thanks for the history lesson, Mike! Now, on with the Eagle party monomanias, NYE-style:

5. Disconet: We pretend we're top-dollar, bourgie '70s DJs. But in reality it's more like the dollar store.

4. Detroit Bondage Club: We handle the downstairs dancers on Sundays, but the Eagle's upstairs stuff is fantastic — lots of bondage, and S&M activities like whipping, flogging and humiliation. Happy New Year!

3. Perfect Weiners & Butts (PWB): Almost can't describe the audacity and musical-loving willpower it takes to pull off this project from Stallone. "Toes" is an anthem. You need to check them out live on New Year's at the Eagle. Trust me.

2. Chris "Crispy" Fachini's sound system: Every painstaking detail in sound and craftsmanship glows with sheer magic when it comes to this dude. If that sounds wispy, check it out for yourself at the MOCAD. If you're lucky, he'll fire it up and play one of his many exclusive productions. A true rocker.

1. Ron F.:We couldn't even to begin to do what we do every Sunday if it wasn't for this behind-the-bar-Rhodes-scholar. He's a great cook too. Tip of the hat, sir!


Dec. 31 at the Eagle, 1501 Holden (at Trumbull), Detroit; 313-873-6969.

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