Not funny: 38-year-old dude and 15-year-old girl found dead in a van


More from the Dept. of Too Many Creeps:

You’ve by now heard of Taylor Eileen Manley, the missing 15-year-old girl and subject of a yesterday’s amber-alert in Reed City. She and her apparent kidnapper Raymond R. Bush were found dead last night in the back of his Chrysler minivan parked at the St. Charles Cemetery in Newport, where his grandparents are buried.

Bush shot Manley more than once and later offed himself, and according to this WXYZ report they’d been in a “relationship.” Bush had a couple kids himself, one older and one younger than Manley.

The cops, who are continuing to investigate, are calling it a “Stranger/Acquaintance Kidnapping.” And the sadness is huge.