A fruit jar lid knocks some guy out




Via mlive.com: A few years ago Darryl Alexander used the butt end of a screwdriver to open a jar of Del Monte “Orchard Select” fruit. The Southfield 56-year-old apparently whacked the unyielding lid and it rocketed straight to his eye, thus knocking him to the floor where he lost consciousness.  After hospitalization, Alexander wore a temporary eye patch; his lawyer Mark Miller claims his client has lasting eye damage.

Del Monte Foods and the Kroger Co. argue there’s no real evidence to suggest the jar’s dangerous, much less capable of taking a dude down.  The argument didn’t sway a Detroit federal judge to dismiss Alexander’s lawsuit. So in a court filing yesterday, the fruit group and grocer offered Alexander $150k to settle, but Alexander turned it down. Miller says it’s not enough cash, and there’s no trial date set. We’ll see how this thing plays out.