Quark Gallery transformation: New get-up this Friday


Here's a way to imagine what happens on Friday when artist Judith Hoffman, visiting from New York as a gallery resident artist, opens her show at the Quark Gallery. Or rather, on the gallery.

First, here's the gallery ...


... and here's a picture of what Hoffman's work space in adjacent Tech Town looked like a few days ago:


And how to imagine how the fabric will look when it sheaths the gallery in a statement about, among other things, natural processes and impermanence. Here's a before and after picture of a similar building sheathing that Hoffman undertook at a former schoolhouse in Nebraska.


The show includes digital media presentations inside the gallery and projected on the newly installed sheathing. Presentations by Reed Barrow, Emily Bunker, Jane Cassidy, Justin Cooper, Loren Erdich, Steven Hudosh, Jimmy McBride, Cristobal Mendoza, Lori Mehrige, Kambui Olujimi, David Prince, Alison Wilder, Michel Souissic and Scott Berels.

The opening is Friday, 6-10 p.m. at Quark Gallery, 6161 Woodward Ave., Detroit.