Shea's Lounge wishes Detroit a very merry X-mas! (A tale of sorts)


It's gonna be a dismal Christmas,

Most of my old friends are dead,

It looks like the mistletoe

Was hung by Edgar Allan Poe,

And ol' Santa broke two runners

Off his empty sled.

Mom ain't got a job,

And Dad's too big a slob

To get one,

The tiny apartment is cold and crowded and dark;

Maybe we can move into that paradise,

That Occupy Detroit park.

There's bells in the lobby here,

Somebody's crazy, noisy hobby,

They ring like gunfire New Year's Eve,

Keep us awake all silent night long.

And the city put up

Two dozen lit-up Christmas trees

Where Hudson's used to be;

It's a safe bet an office there

Or any useful building

We'll never see.

Of course, the holidays end so soon,

The shopping and jingles cease,

The stony savior in the manger goes

And we finally get some heav'nly peace.