Lunchtime Links: Shinola's new partnership, Ausmus is the new Tigers manager, and more




Shinola partners with organic cold-press juicers DROUGHT, a Plymouth, MI-based company founded by five sisters.

See photos from the opening of La Feria, a new Tapas restaurant in Midtown. (Eater Detroit)

Brad Ausmus is hired as the Detroit Tigers' new manager. In the spirit of the popular @fakeLeyland joke Twitter, there's already a @NotAusmus account, which features gems such as this. (Crain's Detroit)

Over 1,000 modernist works of art believed to have been originally confiscated by the Nazis as "degenerate art" have been recovered from a recluse in Munich. Featuring works by Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse, Marc Chagall, and others, it's the largest postwar artistic find. (The Guardian)

Is Daylights savings time flawed? One author proposes we not only banish the practice altogether but also have just two time zones in the continental U.S. (The Atlantic)