Lunchtime Links: A message from Dave Bing, Ron Asheton on the Stooges, 10 corporations rule the world, and more




Mayor Dave Bing has a message for Detroiters: "You’re finished, get it? Done. Through. You’re all washed up. Let me make this real clear: You’re a no-good filthy bum, and you’ll never work in this town again!" (The Onion)

Ron Asheton illustrated oral history about Iggy & the Stooges. (VICE)

Netflix killed the video store: Blockbuster to close remaining U.S. stores. (Crain's Detroit)

Did you know? There are really ultimately only 10 mega-corporations that control everything. (PolicyMic)

"King Diamond shows us that in addition to a fierce scowl, fearsome corpse paint is crucial to the metal look. Here Mr. Diamond takes a very heavy-handed approach to the color of nothingness." 8 Great Examples of Black Metal Corpse Paint. (Metro Times)