The Nain Rouge gets a graphic novel and a movie


The Nain Rouge, Detroit's mythical red dwarf, known for being a harbinger for unfortunate events, is finally getting the real attention he deserves. The 300-year-old legend will be further immortalized by a graphic novel and a short film.

The Nain Rouge Graphic Novel was created by Josef Bastian and Carl Winans and is based on the dwarf's legend. Set in a "financially-challeneged" Detroit, two young teen boys discover the myth of the Nain Rouge and seek to expel him from the city. The novel was illustrated by Patrick McEvoy and is being released and distributed by Caliber Comics. 

A short film, Nain Rouge: The Curse, is planned to begin production in 2015. It will serve as a prequel to the first book in the Nain Rouge trilogy that predated The Nain Rouge Graphic Novel.