Michigan ranked ninth best place for Santa to relocate


When, inevitably, the ice in the North Pole melts, Santa will have no place to live. The toy shop will be slowly floating downstream and the reindeer will be swiftly treading water. So, where will Santa go?

According to a report done by Estately, Old Saint Nick would find plenty of creature comforts right here in Michigan. Thanks to our low real estate prices, a huge milk output, a cold winter and mild summer (which makes for a prime reindeer habitat), and a huge manufacturing sector, Santa would surely feel right at home in the Great Lakes State.

States were also ranked based on their cookie stores per capita, eggnog enthusiasm, proxmity to folks with the last name "Kringle" (refereed to as "family"), and expressed interest in Father Christmas on Facebook. 

We earned the title of ninth best state for Santa to relocate, but we were beat out by Washington, Wisconsin, Vermont, Iowa, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Kansas, and Maine.

We did, however, beat Ohio.

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