Detroit via Kalamazoo outfit Fortune & Maltese (and the Phabulous Pallbearers, of course) preach to the gathered keg-tapping throngs tales of lust, Saturday night drag races and unspoiled tales of hot dogs, miniskirts and pizza pie from their pulpit center stage at Phi Tappa Kegga. Konquer Kampus is the band's full-length manifesto of clean, hedonistic fun. F & M's three-part vocal sunniness rides high atop Vox organ-driven musical savagery (in the process upping the ante on Paul Revere & the Raiders and entering territory reigned over by Tacoma, Washington '60s frat rock monarchs the Wailers). Where other retro-fitted rockers merely ape the music of yesteryear, Fortune & Maltese live and breathe the sounds from a time when all you needed for a good time was a hi-fi and a six-pack of Stroh's, and they let the good times shine through every track. Hide your girlfriends when you see them coming down the block and don't be afraid to do the Freddy to "Truth Serum," "(She's a) Blow Out" and the 12 other back-in-the-day AM radio hits of Fortune & Maltese.