Live at the Stonehouse
  • Live at the Stonehouse
There aren’t many spots along the rock spectrum that, when done well, are as universally appealing as good, old-fashioned bar rock ’n’ roll. You know, the kind the Rolling Stones perfected, then have seemed to deliver part-and-parcel over the last few years to aging rockers who were "there when"? The kind of guilt-free guitar boogie that bands such as the Black Crowes have sharpened from the dulling effect of too many Skynyrd spins on classic rock radio? Well, Detroit’s Immortal Winos of Soul are here to remind you that Detroit is still one of the finer fertile grounds for such rock fun. Live at the Stone House is exactly what it purports to be – that is, recorded live at the Stone House near the Michigan State Fairgrounds. The record’s got a goofy night-of-fun vibe that redeems the sometimes too-indulgent, too-goofy-night-of-fun vibe. But when the Winos are on, they swagger and sweat with the time-tested tightness of an outfit that lives for live.