Spit flying folk fun


  • Photo / The Ark
  • The Ark
Any genre goes here, as long as it's acoustic. You might hear bluegrass, klezmer, flamenco, and a few folksingers, all in one week. Several years ago this Ann Arbor institution moved downtown into a bigger building. It now holds close to 500 people, who can be seen lined up outside most evenings at about 7:30. Depending on the event, the crowd consists mainly of families and middle-aged couples who likely recall with a scowl that day when Dylan plugged in at Newport. The post-'90s family vibe continues inside. No smoking allowed. Members and their guests can buy liquor; everyone else can buy soft drinks, juices, popcorn and candy. The show is what matters, though, and fortunately the Ark has managed to increase capacity without sacrificing intimacy. The semi-circular seating arrangement ensures that even those in the back row can see and hear the spit flying onstage.