Vinyl exams



Lacksidaisycal’s last release, a 10-inch single shared with his Breakfast Club partner Montana, never quite received the attention it deserved. The New Year sees him onto bigger and better things — a solo 12-inch packed with four quality jams. Lacks gets plenty of help from his friends on the lead track “Friday Night,” which features Slum Village, Breakfast Club and female MC Brown Skin, giving seven different perspectives on a night of club-hopping. Montana guests again and provides the dope beat for “Nothing Going On,” as the dynamic duo waxes philosophical about the struggles of artists with mouths to feed. Lacksidaisycal, for one, is aiming high, proclaiming he’s “trying to share a spotlight with Biggie, Rakim, Jay-Z and Nas.” On the record’s B-side, the good music doesn’t stop, as Dwele and Latavia Parker provide vocal uplift to the positive, spiritual “Cry Freedom,” produced by Ta’raach. “Shotgun Slammin’,” the final song, is an oldie which finally makes its way onto vinyl and still sounds great. Lacks aims his mental shotgun at plenty of targets, including materialistic rappers and radio stations, with lines like “There’s eight million stories in the city, well that’s a shame/But I’d rather be creative than created for game.” Four different songs with different styles make for a uniquely complete EP. Lacksidaisycal has done it right on his second Antidote project.

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