the man



Where does one turn, as an artist, after levels of (inter)national success have waned? Maybe to what comes naturally, like turning up your guitar and rocking, dude. That density of sound recalls the familiar comfort and safety once realized in the garage as a kid. All the pressure is gone, momentarily, and you make music for the sake of music. Sadly, we don’t get the latter from the man.

Sonically, the hands-on production reduces this to little more than a collection of demos. But production doesn’t make a record, songs do, and even ProTools software couldn’t clarify the mixed messages hidden deep in the folds of Vinnie Dombroski’s middle-aged mind. Addiction? Son of Sam? Judas Priest-styled double kickdrum assaults without irony? And, no, he didn’t repeat the line “like a loaded gun” on this, did he? Must’ve heard it wrong. Seen-better-days combos like Staind and Nickelback ain’t losin’ any sleep, nor is Velvet Revolver. Music for the sake of music, indeed.

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