Queen of the Waxwings



So we get the new Queens of the Stone Age disc in the mail. Yeah, whatever. Anyway, we were blowing cigarette ashes off the band’s ever-so-major-label, Jason Odell-shot glossy and notice something that gets the stale Folgers spewing through our clinched lips and expanded nostrils. There, amidst the rock-appropriate tuff-dude grimaces and fancy jackets, betwixt the goofy Josh Homme and Mikey Shuman, with those giant hands and slightly askew glance, stands former Waxwings head and ex-Woodbridge inhabitant Dean Fertita. And he's decked head-to-toe in black.

Yep, the sensitive singer-songwriter is, it appears, Mr. Rock Guitars-Keyboards For Dollars, huffing bong-load riffs and, we can only imagine, chesty tour-coach clichés.

Wait. We thought Fertita was the Mick Mashbir of the Raconteurs; you know, the one uncredited dude who plays with a band on stage and nobody notices or cares. So it is — Fertita’s doing same with Queens. A real man for all seasons!