It walks, it talks, it crawls like a reptile


Seems Von Bondie head Jason Stollsteimer is alive. We got a press release from a Warner Brothers flack informing us of an upcoming Stollsteimer show that's "a bunch of his close friends, aka: Jason and The Hounds Below." This piece of PR pulp says the show is a warm up "in lieu of the new Von Bondies record due out next year."

What the fuck does that mean? Read close and there's an inner contradiction in that sentence that could easily mean that there will be no Von Bondies record next year. Anyway, what are the Von Bondies without its comely in-house pinup Marcie Bolen — who, you'll recall, bailed on the band not long ago amid much shit-talk.

The email continued: "Special guests will make the event even more enjoyable as this is also the official Detroit Urban Craft Fair after party."

If you're interested: Saturday, August 4th at the Magic Stick. Doors at 8 p.m. Set time is 10:30pm.