OK, so I've arrived. Back in the Motor City. You can check out my introductory column at the Metro Times web site, proper, to learn more about me. But for practical purposes, these are probably the two most important graphs... just in case you don't want to take the time to read the whole damn thing:

"I'm actively seeking participants to re-educate me on both Detroit and the local scenes. I've kept up with the "biggies," of course, from the Dirtbombs and Cobras to the Go and Outrageous Cherry. But I'm certainly on the lookout for newcomers who want to contribute some good writing to these pages (in addition to the notables who've already been scribes for this section) or anyone who simply wants to show me around town."


"Reader-generated fun has always been the goal of any music section I've ever worked on, mainly because it doesn't take any money out of my editorial budget ... nah, I'm kidding. Just because it's cool to bring readers into the editorial mix."

I hope to accomplish at least the latter here as well... so keep those cards and letters coming in and, hopefully, we can make this a fun place on which to hang.

Part of the terms of my employment is that I'm supposed to post at least two items here a week but knowing me, there'll probably be more than just two a week.