Not sure if he was going to be able to make the show, Elm From Arm guitarist Josh Tillinghast learned all the band’s basslines Wednesday night.

On Thursday, Scott asked hospital employees what he had to do to get discharged. He was told if he ate everything on his plate, kept it down and took a piss, he was good to go. Shortly quicky obliged the medical professionals and was on his way. Nevertheless, Josh was in the wings for the whole set, just in case

but the GLMS acoustic set went off without a hitch, even if Scott did still have his hospital bracelet on.

The irony of all this is that Scott had played recently with Starling Electric, when their guitar player Christian Anderson had his appendix explode a couple of months ago.

After Christian visited the University of Michigan Emergency Room with what, in retrospect were classic appendicitis symptoms, he was sent home and told he had the stomach flu. No one at emergency seemed to care when he blew chunks on his way out.

He went home to his family in Grand Rapids, where his appendix proceeded to burst and consequently he spent a week in a GR hospital. The appendix is still in him, though, as. it was all too messy to take it out right away.

At blog press time, rumors couldn’t be confirmed that Christian and Scott were hanging out with R. Kelly at the Super Bowl after-party when the R&B star’s appendix burst.