Keith Richards has just signed a deal to write his autobiography for Little Brown & Company, the group’s publisher Michael Pietsch announced late last week. The memoirs will be a collaboration with his close friend, writer James Fox. Keith’s reportedly getting $7.3 million dollars for the book (just so his grandchildren’s great-grandchildren never have to work), which will be published in 2010, when the walking wonder of survival is 66. Mick Jagger has reportedly tried writing his autobiography over the years, but has given up, claiming he could not remember anything of interest. That’s funny; a certain Mars Bar incident certainly comes to mind, not to mention details of which one pushed Brian into the pool. (OK, that’s a low blow

) Perhaps Keith’ll recount the story another Brian, this one named Wilson, once told me about going to visit the Stones in a Hollywood studio after they recorded “My Obsession.” Said the lead Beach Boy: “They had great marijuana. I kept saying, ‘Play it again! Play it again!’ And they kept saying, ‘It is playing, Brian.’ And then, I couldn’t find the door!” Which sounds like an apt metaphor for Brian’s declining mental state at the time, as in not being able to find the door. And Jagger claims he has no interesting stories to tell

OK, then

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