Backslaps and thumbs up go to Great Lakes Myth Society this Thursday night. The fellas in GLMS not only overcame a hideous day of bad luck and absentee drummers (absentee as in "stuck in Flint"), they pulled off their set with serious grace and aplomb. What's new, right? But it's worth mentioning that lead singer Tim Monger's selfless onstage optimism saved the day.

Further props go to that sweaty and adorable fill-in drummer (I'm far too whooped to research his name right now) who busted ass directly after his set with Misty Lyn to help the boys out. Pretty much flawless. THIS is what Blowout's about, man.

Update: It's 2:12 a.m., and I am sitting in my Hamtramck bedroom. The happy sounds of soused Blowout attendees are preventing me from resting my weary head, but all I can think is "Life is pretty sweet."