Back in the techno days, the Detroit gang squad would frequently pull up en masse at raves and legitimate parties, throwing their weight around because kids with pacifiers in their mouths dancing and giving each other back rubs has always been a huge problem in the D. That's why any smart party thrower had a lawyer at the door back then to make sure the letter of the law was observed if the police actually showed up.

Well, it seems the CAID (The Contemporary Art Institute of Detroit on Rosa Parks) should have had a lawyer at their Funk Night dance party this past Friday (May 30th). From early reports, it appears that the police sent in a SWAT team with shotguns to break up the party (terming it a "blind pig") and impounded a lot of cars. Patrons were physically forced to lay prone on the ground, in the mud. It later cost them as much as $900 to retrieve their impounded vehicles. Thank god Detroit is rid of this funk dancing menace! Good job.

You can find a recounting of the night by hitting the link below:


Also there is a recap of events at the Web Vomit site.

Rumor is that video of the swat shenanigans is going to be posted on youtube...

Um, that would be a "blind pig"...