The Boston Phoenix and its website has just published its inaugural “50 Bands/50 States” list: -- a declaration of the "All-Time Best Band, All-Time Best Solo Artist, and Best New Band" from each of the 50 states.

Some interesting choices, most of which are sure to result in numerous arguments. For California, to use an example, the Beach Boys are a little hard to argue with (certainly no argument from me on that one, though fans of the Byrds, Buffalo Springfield, etc., etc. will surely be screaming in disagreement) but some are certainly going to question the choice of Dr. Dre as the golden state's "All-Time Best Solo Artist." And I was thrilled to see that the Replacements were chosen for "All-Time Best Band" for Minnesota. You'll note that several states ended in a tie, with the paper asking readers to vote. Minnesota, for example, asks you to choose between Bob Dylan and Prince. No contest in my mind, but some will disagree. That's the fun of lists, I suppose.

So how did the Mitten State fare? Well, the Phoenix chose the Stooges as Michigan's All-Time Best Band. That would be the band headed by one Iggy Pop, who actually got "booed" (I saw it with my own eyes) when he opened for the Rolling Stones at the Pontiac Silverdome back in 1982. I was never so ashamed for a crowd in my life. As for the states's "Best Solo Artist," the Phoenix tastemakers chose Kwame Kilpatrick. Nah, we kid; we kid. That honor went to one Mr. Stevie Wonder. Hard to argue with those two choices, though I'm sure some will. The choice for "Best New Band," however, should generate some controversy on a local level. That honor went to Dabrye, who the Phoenix describes as the " nom du producer for Ann Arbor’s Tadd Mullinix, who has enlisted various Detroit emcees to rap over his disquieting, industrial, and experimental beats."

Check out the article -- and the results from the other 49 states -- here.

BTW: Who the fuck is Dabrye anyway? See below...