This just in from the wonderful Ms. Eve Knepp...just so there's no doubt as to whether it's happening this year. It is, indeed! For sure. You can take it to the bank...

Hello Folks!

OK. So it's hot as blazes out there and I'm writing you about the Blowout. There's a method to such seasonal madness, I assure you.

I just wanted to give a heads up: we want you all to know that the 2009 Blowout XII has commenced the production process and will, in fact, take place the first week in March 2009.

We have all kinds of new stuff in the works this year and we are completely stoked to bring some warmth to what will no doubt be a 30something-degree week of debauchery and winter wonder.

Keep slathering on the sunscreen!

Going bass fishin',

Eve Knepp

Producer, Metro Times Blowout Music Festival

The 2008 logo: Ready to burn again this winter...!