The Muggs are releasing two new unreleased songs from their On WIth The Show sessions this Friday, October 17th. The tracks will be available on 7-inch "collectors vinyl" in a classic A-side/B-side format. It's the trio's first-ever vinyl 7-incher...and the A side, "Bite of the Weredog," is described as "a Halloween jam" (well, duh!) with the B-side, "Leanin' Blues," described as a typical classic Muggs "blues-rocker." The single, titled "Bite of the Weredog," natch, is coming courtesy of BellyAcheCandyShoppe and can be preordered for $5.99 by clicking here.

But for those of you without old-fashioned record machines, the songs will also be available for paid download on iTunes, Rhapsody and the usual suspects. For more info on downloading 'em, go to the Muggs' Website.

In celebration, this Friday night's Muggs show at Northern Lights (660 W. Baltimore, Detroit; 313-873-1739) is being hyped as a "7-incn Vinyl Release Party."

In other Detroit blues-rock news, the Cetan Clawson Revolution spent the last month recording their second album, The Feedback Gospel, in Nashville. The trio is currently comprise of 20-year-old Cetan Clawson on lead guitar and vocals, 18-year-old Adam Padden on bass and 19-year-old Danny Pazuchowski on drums.

“Our strength as a band has always been our live performance, so if people are expecting an album with a raw energy and an electric blues-vibe sound, they've come to the right band,” said Clawson. “We heard so much about Nashville, that there's just a very great music scene there, with a lot of vibe, history, and culture. So many figures passed through there or made a home there from one point to another, from Jack White to Elvis to Jimi Hendrix. We figured it would be a great place to record our next project.”

A Midwest tour is planned and will be announced after the release of the new album, which is expected to drop in December.

Mr. Clawson and friend...