Days of future passed



With thirtysomethings losing their minds over My Bloody Valentine reunion shows and nostalgia for early '90s indie music growing, it's fitting that Detroit's own Majesty Crush is about to get the "best of" treatment.

With an output of one full-length, two EPs and a few 7-inchers, it's easy to think the mixed-race band is undeserving of a full, all-killer-no-filler comp. But the shining moments of the band's repertoire don't lie. Such songs as "No. 1 Fan" and "Boyfriend" are arguably some of the best the early '90s had to offer, and will certainly elicit a nostalgic sense of, "Oh yeah, I loved this song!" from fans of early alternative radio.

And I Love You in Other Cities is a fitting title for a band that experienced local success but was more associated with an indie subgenre widely embraced in the U.K. The "shoegazer scene" didn't include many U.S. bands, let alone Detroiters. But Majesty Crush's only album, 1993's Love 15, is a fine example of the genre. And this "best of" relies heavily on Love 15 material, which doesn't surprise. The band's strong EPs are represented as well, including "Space Between Your Moles" and "If JFA Were Still Together" from the stellar Sans Muscles, along with the EP and LP versions of "No. 1 Fan," a song deserving of both the opening and closing slots on this comp.

Ultimately, I Love You ... feels like the work of a superfan, one keen to share his excitement for a band deserving of more attention than it received. "What? You've never heard Majesty Crush? I'll make you a mix of their best stuff!" But whether you want to be reintroduced or just experience them for the first time, Majesty Crush (full disclosure: MC featured frequent MT contributor Hobey Echlin in its ranks) sound first-rate more than 15 years later.

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