Let's all make love in Detroit


Yes, oh, yes, I'm feeling it. I watched interview and performance footage ("Astronomy Domine") of Pink Floyd in '67 before going out last night to pre-party Blowout XII, and did it for the unforgettable genius Syd B. and inspiration's sake; I then rolled out to the Majestic just in time for the spoken word, jazz-broken up beats-fuzzed down bass-grunge guitar playing and tripped out percussion (thank you, Craig Huckaby) of Fluent. Fresh 'n' fabulous and the musical highlight of my night.

Saw Troy Gregory in the Garden Bowl and talked about a school for rock 'n' rollers in St. Clair Shores; saw Chris Pottinger (Cotton Museum, Odd Clouds, Slither) upstairs at the Stick and met his friend, Basia, from Lublin, PL; hugged Eve and Melody and talked to Handyside about how the kids wanna rock all over the world and how it takes some authentic Detroit action ('content' was the word) to get the badass ball rolling; also hung out with another one-of-kind tastemaker, Matthew Smith, and secretly coveted his Neu! T-shirt.

It was fun, boy, it was fun, with three whole inspired nights to come...