We just heard today that one of the area's best, foremost record stores -- Rock-a-Billy's in Utica -- is shuttering. It'll be done by the end of the month, in fact. Its entire stock, thousands of great titles that run the musical gamut, is on sale from now to Christmas, a total store liquidation.

It's a sad day because we here buy music from local retailers. It's sad because Rock-a-Billy's is/was a record shop in that traditional sense, where you could hang, listen and talk music with other like-minded music heads, discover something rare, and sometimes catch a live show from some touring band. It's sad because it's yet another local business whose employees will now be out of work. It's sad because music retail trending sees many people shopping online or downloading music, thus taking coin out of local pockets and into those of corporate behemoths such as Amazon, even for vinyl.

But for for Rock-a-Billy's, its closing wasn't simply sour economics: We hear its owner recently became ill and can no longer run the shop.


8411 Hall Rd.

Utica; 586-731-0188