Friday Night Pop Pickle

With all due respect to Lightning Love (playing tomorrow night at the G of C Lounge), Friday night is the most packed night of the pop music of the Blowout. It's the kind of night that makes you realize how far away some of these venues feel when you're racing back and forth and back again. And just you hope that a Night Move bus is around when you need to get to Jean's and back in a hurry.

Here's my problem tonight:

9:40 Juliets at G of C Lounge

10:20 Blase Splee at Atlas

10:40 Lettercamp at G of C Lounge

Now, anyone who worked for hours on a Blowout schedule before knows this is the toughest quandary to solve: three shows you can make and enjoy if--and only if--the bus shows up at exactly the right time.Or if you get lucky as hell with parking. I still don't know what I'm going to do.

The Juliets have recently made their debut album available for free download until March 13, and it's amazing--I can't wait to see them play these songs. One of my favorite bands of the last couple of Blowouts, Blase Splee,always put on a fantastic show (killer harms!). And then there's Liz Wittman's Lettercamp, whose new album, produced by the team of Weier and Cox of BGC (and of The Dead Bodies, who are sadly not playing the Blowout this year). From the little I've heard, this show is a must-see tonight.

In other scheduling frustrations:

Satin Peaches at Atlas Bar, 12:20

Friendly Foes at Belmont, 12:20

I guess it's just a block, but these are two shows I'd like to see in their entirety. Such is the glory and the shame of Blowout, I suppose.

See you there, if I time it all just right.