To go along with Jeff Meyers' blog item (in B-Roll -- see below) about limey director Julien Temple's upcoming BBC documentary about Detroit and its decline, we thought it worth mentioning that Iggy Pop addressed it in the MT cover story about the Iggy & The Stooges' reunion that ran last October. In fact, the story ended with the Igster bringing it up.

For those with shorter memories, it went like this:

MT: Finally, as a band and performer so closely associated with Detroit, how do you feel about the ways the national media has been portraying the city lately — the recent cover of Time magazine and all?

Iggy: It's reverse hype. That's exactly what it is. But there has been a genuine problem in the auto industry, and that has caused people to focus on Detroit in a negative light. But that sort of energy is never good. I was actually asked to participate in a documentary feature film, for the BBC, called something like From Riches to Ruin. It's a film about Detroit by the fellow who made the Sex Pistols films.

MT: Julien Temple?

Iggy: Yeah. And he's talented but he also has a particular style. And so I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I just wasn't a part of that. Not that I object to his expressing himself. But it's a great place. Michigan is a great, great place. It really is.

Mr. Pop has spoken... 'Nuff said.