Danny Brown 'Greatest Rapper Ever' Video



We here at the MT are huge fans of Danny Brown's perpetual hustle and toothy grin. And rarely does a week and a half go by when he's not releasing something new. His latest -- a fookin' hoodtastic music vid for the song "Greatest Rapper Ever" off of his much beloved mixtape, The Hybrid. What smacks immediately is that each of his vids keep getting more and more outlandishly Linwood. That's like a notch beyond hood. You'll notice a guy in the background stealing copper wiring -- in a music video. Now that is a first.

Lots of folks say that Brown is one of the most fascinating rappers in America at the moment, partly because he wholeheartedly embraces  street life. It's like he picks up right where Detroit writer Donald Goines left off by vividly depicting real grit in urban life, the stuff others won't (or simply can't without faking) touch. Salute!