Lady Te Says She's the "Princess of Detroit"




If you've never heard of the fetching-but-tough 21-year-old Detroit rapper named Lady Te (and you won't be alone if you haven't), she's hoping you'll know her name by the end of this week. The 2008 Cass Tech graduate and current Wayne State student just released a new music video yesterday claiming that she's the "Princess of Detroit" and she might be right. Although her name is probably new to a wider audience, she's worked to find her voice within local hip-hop for years and didn't just appear out of nowhere. Some folks might have watched her "Hurricane" video from a couple of years ago or noticed some of the other strong promo work she's done recently as well.

Her latest vid, directed by Sean Babas, has considerably more direction than her previous music videos and despite the elongated intro is actually worth watching. Check it out below. Lady Te also just released a new free mixtape called Born Ready which you can download straight off her site.