City Slang: Theater Bizarre – The Movie



The Theater Bizarre has become an institution in Detroit, a chance for the many alternative artists, fetishists, performance artists, perverts and degenerates to gather and collectively turn an area near the State Fairgrounds into some sort of Hellish interpretation of a carnival. It’s a spectacular thing, all the more special because it’s been operating outside of the law since its inception, despite the fact that there are enough lights and fires there to illuminate Michigan. Last year, however, the authorities caught up with the Theater Bizarre and dished out a punishment which in no way could be considered fair or just.


After months of preparation, hours upon hours of hard work, it was decided by the powers that be that too many regulations were being broken, and that the Theater Bizarre would not be allowed to take place at the State Fair Grounds. Instead, it was moved to the Fillmore in Detroit which, while a great venue to see a big rock show, was in no way suited to something this outrageous. This year, well, plans have yet to be revealed.

We do know, however, that there is going to be a special Theater Bizarre night at the Crofoot in Pontiac this coming Thursday, which will serve as the launch party for a new Theater Bizarre documentary. “We've been working closely with John Dunivant and the Theatre Bizarre team,” explained Gary Bredow (co-director of the film in partnership with Per Franchell). “We're going to be able to tell the whole story in a way that only a few people have ever seen. If it weren't on video, a lot of it wouldn't even be believable.”

As with any Theater Bizarre event, attendees at the Crofoot are encouraged to dress in costume. Artists performing include the Ruiners, Dethlab, Satori Circus, Los Minstrels Del Diablo, BlankStar and Irina Arial, with more acts to be announced. Doors are at 8 p.m. and tickets are $25, available beforehand from Noir Leather and Showtime Clothing.

Be there, or be far too conventional.

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