Electric Forest Video Recaps from Docufest


For our first recap of Electric Forest, our friends over at Docufest have put together some quick video recaps of this past weekends festivities. If you've checked their Facebook page you've seen them out by the next day along with hundreds of photos.  If you were on site you probably saw the Docufest QR scans around the site. Scan their codes or shirts with your smartphone and you know the drill from there.

Now hopefully you've taken some time to recuperate and enjoy today's beautiful 4th of July celebrations  so please check out the videos their amazing team put together recapping some of the festivals highlights. Look for more in the coming days with a slew of our own photos and a recap of the best and brightest from another one of a kind event in Rothbury, Michigan.

Day 1:

Day 2:

Day 3:

Day 4: