City Slang: Whet at Smalls



Sometimes, you have to just stand back and admire the spirit of a band. Take Whet, a Redford-based rock outfit playing at Smalls in Hamtramck tonight, the second band on stage of a four band bill. When they take to the stage, the only people in the room, besides themselves, are the sound guy, one of their lady-friends, and the sound man. And yet the front man thanks us for coming out, and kicks into his set as if the room is full.


God bless ‘em, it never occurs to them to put less into their show. Whet might not be the greatest of bands, but they’re not the worst either. The scuzzy, mildly Primus-esque funky rock that they produce is interesting if not invigorating. But that’s not the point.

These guys are rock ’n’ roll. They showed up and played to an empty room for the first three or four songs, then they played to the other bands and a few paying guests (a total of around 15 people) for the remainder of their set. They didn’t complain or even look in the least bit bothered. They just blasted through their set and then got off the stage.

They get extra points for having a frontman / guitarist who looks like Jack Black with a perm, and a bassist who looks like Encino Man from the New York disco era.