T. Calmese -- "Trust Me" Video + New Album


T.Calmese appears to have reached a career crossroads. He took his last moniker, iLLiTe, about as far as it could go from his early Subterraneous Records days and decided not long ago that a name change could do him some good. He's rapping under his given name these days, T. Calmese, and he actually sounds renewed with hungrier lyrics, a stronger work ethic, and a sound that gives him more competitive weight.

A little over a month ago, he put out a music video for the song, "Trust Me," that was filmed downtown and captures Calmese's hunger and lyrical prowess quite well.

That tune was meant to be the first single off Calmese's newest project, A Will of Fortune, which is out now as a digital download. Frankly, it's the strongest material that he's put out to date and it deserves as many eardrums as possible to give it a listen. It's the type of creative project where you can noticeably hear his growth as an artist more than anything else. Much of the production was handled by Nick Speed, Decompoze, and Dibiase who've been growing alongside Calmese for years. The end result is a 10-track project that's as solid as a gold nugget. Give it a listen.