Quelle Chris -- "The S.O.N." Video + New EP




Former Detroit-based producer/rapper Quelle Chris is finally starting to get more national recognition for his music. The former Westsider who now calls the Bay Area home is mostly known locally for being the main producer on Danny Brown's The Hyrbrid and XXX album's along with being a part of the Crown Nation family. He's currently in the process of releasing a new album, Shotgun and Sleek Rifle, on November 15th and in a lead up to that landing on internet shelves, Quelle decided to hit people with some free promo.

His brand new video for the song "The S.O.N. (Shitting on Niggas)" premiered over on Fader.com yesterday and he's got a new EP of the same name out as well for free download. My prediction is that if enough tastemaking blogs and publications pick up on this, Quelle's name and music will go far in 2012. The music itself is solid and different enough to catch people's attention with plenty of originality. Some people have said Quelle's solo work is in the vein of Odd Future but really he's just an oddball and those have existed long before Odd Future showed up. Check out the video below.