Footage of Mayer Hawthorne Performing "The Walk" on Conan


As Brett Callwood highlighted yesterday in his online City Slang column, Mayer Hawthorne was in deed on the Conan O'Brien show last night along with his mostly Ann Arbor raised backing band, The County. Earlier in the day, he sent out a tweet to his thousands of followers saying that he'd be jumping a motorcycle over 36 cars during the television show. Thankfully for his health, that was just a joke but his performance wasn't any less exciting to watch.

While the episode was airing on TBS, a host of Ann Arbor and Detroit musicians were on Twitter and couldn't mask their excitement at seeing the DJ turned singer on cable television. When you consider Hawthorne's meteoric rise to fame, this really is something to applaud. You'll notice the drummer is even wearing a Detroit Tigers hat. Check out the footage below.