City Slang: Andre Williams set for new release



We have already reviewed this album in the weekly music review roundup a coupe of weeks ago, but it is worth another mention.

Local legend Andre Williams will release his new album Hoods and Shades via Bloodshot Records on February 28.


It’s a beauty too, like the soundtrack to the greatest blaxploitation movie, set in Detroit. According to the press release, “Hoods and Shades was recorded in Detroit, once again bringing Andre together with long-time contributors Matt Smith (Outrageous Cherry, Nathaniel Mayer, Volebeats), Funk Brother Dennis Coffey on guitar, Jim White (Dirty Three, Cat Power), Greasy Carlisi (Robert Gordon, Chris Spedding), Jim Diamond (Dirtbombs), and Grammy-award winning producer Don Was. For Hoods and Shades Andre ventures into a folk/psychedelic/R&B zone, in what he has dubbed ‘the Andre Williams folk album.’”

We don’t quite see the “folk album” thing, but it is awesome.

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