For The Hell Of It




What's punk, anymore?



What are all these faceless voices blathering-on about on their blogs... These descriptor tags... space-slop... and what-have-you.

Their ability for registoring any sense of identity or distinction has been worn-away, over-usage of copy/paste, ctrl+V, ctrl+V!! ...

Psychedelic-noise...wait, what now? But, hey...what's a Fest, anymore?

The new species, the next mutation, the increasingly multifaceted forging of bubblegum-pop and droning/ambient-elements over the fires of fuzz and feedback, will be on full display for a mini-Blowout-sized 3-night festival hosted at PJs Lager House. (May 9th, 10th & 11th)


The sweetness of this ...breed... of mad and magnificient music is that, while it's one thing to smash-your-head against a certain hard-charging rhythm and roared-out rock chunk,  it's quite another to simultaneously feed-your-head with the ghostly, gusty warbles of pedal-bent tones, squaking discordance and dreamy/nightmarish echo-FX... Contemplative chaos, as it were...

Whatever the out-of-things-to-talk-about-Twits and the ballyhoo-blogs wanna call this... this punk thing... it is certain that whatever the sensibilities of this new, invigorating inversion has attraced a complimentary company of pop-mutilating parishoners..., orbiting each other... a fine collection these curious specimen will perform at the Lager House, then, on this first full week of May.

Bring in twang, bring in theremins, bring in synthesizers and bring in those mumbled, existential poetics. Keep it mostly-fast and mostly-fierce.

Detroit's Human Eye and Johnny Ill Band and the Sugarcoats and Roachclip and Growing Pains...will play host for touring torch-bearers of the new scuzz like Ty Segall, who you can see, above, performing in the video via Room 205,  with White Fences, a group with whom he has just released a collaborative LP, titled Hair (via Drag City). White Fences, by the way, are also on one of the three bills this week. Meanwhile, if you wanna keep up on how busy-o'-bee Mr. Segall's been this Spring, you can read about his three new albums (one solo, one with his touring band and one with White Fences), here, via Pitchfork.

Also coming through town to strum and shout upon one of these Lager nights will be the more piano-blues-morphing Strange Boys, more of a Dylan-digging punk style, they've had a harder time winning the coveted favor of the Pitchfork-types, but their live show will fit nicely with our own harder-to-pin-down locals like Ill, or Sugarcoats.

At the bottom of the post, Strange Boys front man Ryan Sambol sings, in his tribute to Saharan psyche-blues  outfit Group Doueh: "what had no room / has found space / my body betrays me / but i don’t betray it back. / now i’m sure what ever made me / must sound like that...." - SB's latest, Live Music (pronounce that as rhymed with "give" not "dive") came out at the end of '11 on Rough Trade.

Here's your full line up - three nights at Lager (1254 Michigan Ave)

Wed 5/9: Pierced Arrows -with: Sugarcoats, Roachclip, Growing Pains

Thur 5/10: Quintron and Miss Pussycat -with: Human Eye, Gary Wrong Group, Claw Toe

Fri 5/11: Ty Segall -with: White Fence, Strange Boys, Johnny Ill Band, ...and, if you can cram down there: a special "basement performance" by Detroit's Gardens, featuring their new line-up.

Door covers vary from night to night, but if you're at the Lager anytime this week, you can find a limited, mind-you -limited number of pre-sale passes -to all three nights.