City Slang: Amy Gore and Jack White news



Amy Gore & Her Valentines has started a Kickstarter campaign with the aim of raising $4,500 to record their debut album. Gore says, “The record will be 12 songs total, 10 original songs, all recorded at Rustbelt Studios with Al Sutton... We’ve been working on this album without the financial backing of a label, which means all bills are being paid for out of pocket. Funds raised from this campaign will go towards recording, mixing, mastering, compact disc production, shipping and promotion of the album. Every dollar raised over the goal amount will be used for additional promotion and possibly, a vinyl release. I would love to put this album out on vinyl!

Find out more and donate here.

Jack White will be writing, producing and performing the score to the upcoming Jerry Bruckheimer movie the Lone Ranger starring Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer.


"Jack's an amazing songwriter with a unique style," Bruckheimer told "We're thrilled to hear his fresh take on the William Tell Overture."

Meanwhile, Hits Magazine is reporting that White’s debut solo album Blunderbuss is headed for the top of next week’s charts with a sales total projected to be between 11-120k.

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