Jack White Has the #1 Album in America -- So Show Some Respect, You



On his own, the always raucous and divisive White achieved what none of his various bands and projects ever have -- an entrance at the top of the Billboard chart, with his solo debut Blunderbuss. This of course is sometimes (Cake, Amos Lee) a dubious honor in recent years -- though this week he wrests the title from Lionel Richie's Gold-destined country record -- but the numbers are none too shabby: 138,000 copies in the first week, which would be respectable if not chart-topping in an earlier era, but these days is rather miraculous.

In this period of falling record sales, it's hard to say if this is any kind of a beacon, but it does serve to prove that a guy eccentric enough to get attention from things like this can be a full-on rock star in the post-rock star era.

Michael Gallucci's review of Blunderbuss for MT can be read here. As he points out, it's more than a little hard to believe that White's only just getting around to a solo record, but it seems he's done it right. Good on him. White's back in Detroit to play the Masonic Temple Theatre May 24th.