Ty Segall to land in Lager Parking Lot (9/27); hear "The Hill"


Ty Segall's a busy tike: a singer/songwriter coming out of San Fran with an interesting take on psychedelic-sludge rock, wound-up with a bubblegummy-strut and high, keyed-up vocals, seems like he's got something new coming out every seven months. His most recent was a harried fuzz-heavy rolllercoaster called Slaughterhouse, backed by the Ty Segall Band.


He came through Detroit about a half-a-year ago bandying tunes from his lower-key acoustic album, Goodbye Bread, but when he returns, on 9/27 at P.J.'s Lager House, things are going to be a bit more ceremonious for a handful of reasons:

First, he'll be showcasing songs for his forthcoming album, Twins (out October 9th via Drag City). Second, his tour, paired with the indomitable, white-lightning dynamos of reverb-mutated, echo-heavy, punk-splattered space-pop collective Thee Oh Sees, a Detroit psyche-society favorite. Third...since it's coming on near five full years since P.J. Ryder took over management of the modest/regal rock house known as the Lager House, he thought maybe it'd be nice to bolster the affair into a two-day festival -and add a second full line up of live music, hosted outside in the parking lot, featuring Melvin Davis and the United Sound, Tyvek, Natural Child and the Detroit Cobras.

Joining Mr. Segall (and Thee Oh Sees) on the first evening of music will be Detroit's premier psyche-pop/grime-folk preservationists Gardens and the eminent avant-garde music maven (and Taco entrepreneur) Timmy Vulgar via his newer band: Timmy's Organism.

So that's that. Thursday -9/27 and Friday 9/28-

More info at the Lager House main site.

The reason I opened with Mr. Segall is that he debuted the lead single from Twins this week, "The Hill" (new 7" out on Drag City) is a rip-roaring ricochet of hooks and howling feedback, sweetened by wispy female-backing serenades.