City Slang: Twiztid to release Abominationz



Psychopathic Records’ horror-rap duo Twiztid are preparing to release their new album, Abominationz on October 22.

According to Psychopathic, “The horror-core rap group went deep within their morbid imaginations to conjure up the dark visions that shaped the nefarious and loathsome themes of the new album. The definition of “abomination” is, simply, “hate”, and Twiztid really does portray that overall feeling in their storytelling lyrics. And the music that encases these vile verses and lyrical nightmares is so addictive that listeners won’t want to turn it off. With songs titled “Blood All I Need”, “Nightmarez”, “Coin Flip Lunatic (featuring Royce Da 5’9)”, and “Bad Side”, which is the first single off of the album, the expected, atrocious nature of the Demented Duo seems to come full circle on Abominationz.”


In addition, fans can look forward to double the bonus tracks and double the artwork. “There are two versions of Twiztid’s sick masterpiece – the “Monoxide” and “Madrox” – which means double bonus tracks and double album covers. Every album, regardless of version, has sixteen of the same tracks, but the bonus track on each version will be different and correspond to its respective cover. The “Madrox” includes a Madrox-only bonus track and Madrox cover, and the same deal goes for the “Monoxide” as it will include a Monoxide-only bonus track and Monoxide cover.”

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