Duerr Discretion Advised - "Sirens" set to stun - on Halloween




Late start to the morning... -the Internet's already way-ahead of me...

If you've read anything by me, you've already read enough rants on the two rappers referenced -really only in authorship of said-song ("Sirens") featured in the music video "trailer" streaming below.

Rapraprap, LacquaLacquaLacqua, you know how it goes...those guys who got the Kresge, those guys who keep putting out interesting videos, those guys who're going as The Blues Brothers this Halloween and are backing-up a rock-trio known as The Ashleys...Steady and productive...they just keep rollin' along...

This rants about Colin Duerr, though...

...and the cadre of dedicated, impressively adventurous, dynamically exhibitionist female actresses and worm-devouring dancers, scaly, bird-like chartreuse-like and swathed in smoke...welcome to the un-caged visions of Detroit's daring up-and-coming director, specializing in  "excessive evocative blitzes" of surreal/horrific/sublimely-nightmarish imagery - unhinged from context and pushing hyper-provocative envelopes.

Read about Duerr in next week's Metro Times (out on Halloween) and see the full video of this song that same night (just in time for when you're out of trick-or-treating candy...) online at: http://colinduerr.tumblr.com/



And up next for Duerr - another music video, this one for local indie-rock quartet Fawn and a single from their recently released Coastlines LP - "Cobra on the Beach"

Look up Duerr if you're intrigued... You might remember him from his directorial work with the Ded Dave Show, the Amino Acids or The Dirty Show... (But then, you could also just read the print article next week). Happy (early) Halloween.