City Slang: ICP get chainsaw crazy



The Insane Clown Posse pays tribute to classic horror movies with its new video for the song “Night of the Chainsaw”, which can be viewed here.


Fans of the band will be delighted to see zombies, other creatures and all manner of gruesome deaths, some caused by the chainsaw in the title.

They say, “In “Night of the Chainsaw”, the second music video off The Mighty Death Pop album, Shaggy 2 Dope and Violent J decided to shy away from controversy, but still wanted to give the music industry and Juggalos exactly what they would expect from a pair of Wicked Clowns – shocking, visual horror with a tiny bit of humor. The “Night of the Chainsaw” video embraces the campy feel of good ole scary movies, having a dark, gritty look, green zombie blood splattering everywhere, and true madness from beginning until end. Along with numerous zombies and the Insane Clowns themselves, Mark Jury stars in the music video as the chainsaw wielding maniac. Juggalos may recognize Mark Jury as he played “Dirty Sanchez” in ICP’s 2010 film release Big Money Rustlas. ICP used long time friend of the label, Roy Knyrim of SOTA Productions to shoot and direct the music video, and the final edit was done by Psychopathic Records’ in-house video production team, which proved to be a great team effort as the “Night of the Chainsaw” music video ended up being pretty darn devastating!”

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