Scott Walker - Bish Bosch


That wobbly baritone is back! The somewhat polarizing Prince of ArtPop clangs his scepter down upon his sonorous, steely throne and creaks, croons and kinkily cavorts through new glamorously-freaked forests of prickled pizzicato, marching/meandering rhythms, mad-eyed-bending guitars, airy arches of synths, entrancing bass grooves and capricious quails of brass.

4AD released Scott Walker's Bish Bosch earlier this week. He drifts back to us here, wonderfully-wild, in the spirit of Dada-esque kaleidoscopic characterization.

Listenable? Well... technically yes. Exasperating? Well... Consider this veteran song-craftsman to be a curious subject you might just want to follow with your eyes as some blind-fold errant experimentor in a room full of eclectic instruments, you're not gonna know quite where he's going as he zigs, zags, sits, backwards-sommersaults and then shimmies backwards into arms-splayed windmill waywardness... And he's not going to wait for you to figure out the...what or even the why of the music itself. Wait...a ukulele all of a sudden? Why not!

So he sings: "Sorry I'm so clumsy, take that accidentally in the bollocks for a start...."

See/hear what you think: